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L & M International Inc. provides talented people with a passion for service to meet your staffing needs. Our commitment is to build a mutually beneficial partnership. With more than 15 years of experience in hospitality staffing, we can provide you with the outstanding support you expect.

What We Are Doing Better

Our staff is all screened, interviewed, uniformed, trained, and carefully selected for their assigned position. Our Managers have over 5 years of experience in their areas of work

Font of The House



Buffet Attendants

Food Runners


Hall Atendants


Back of the House




Prep Cooks




Other Services

Concession Staff

Brand Ambassadors


Coat Check

Room Attendants



We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

three steps to success

We forge long-standing partnerships our goal is to become your staffing solution so that your needs are covered for when you need them most. 


learning about all your Staffing needs

We assess all your staffing needs, your frequency of need, and the amount of staff you will require. Provide you with a cost analysis based on your needs. 


Finding you the right lead staff for your locations

Initially, we look to our experienced staff to help get the team to establish to guide all other staff and act as a liaison between you and our recruitment team.


establishing a rotating team to fill your staffing needs

Once we fully understand your work culture and needs. We establish a rotating team of staff for your locations in order to always have continuity of staff  for your locations

Why Choose L&M International

We are more than just another agency, we are your partner

Eliminate Cost On

Employment Insurance
We pay employee taxes
Payroll Processing Fee
Staff Training
Benefit Package
Advertisment and Recruitment
Unemployment Insurance


Advance notice is always appreciated, yet we are a leader in last-minute staff. But please contact us as soon as you know there will be a need for our services.

Peace of Mind

We are fully insured
We are there 24/7
Get the help you need, When you need it.

Diverse Staff

Because at L&M we understand our clients have diverse needs. We don’t just provide staff, we build long-term partnerships by providing outstanding customer service. We will cover ALL your staffing needs. We can provide you with competent and dedicated workers for many of your business needs. We believe that with our high ethical standards and careful screening, you will be given high-caliber support to help meet your staffing goals.

You Deserve The best staff

We have over 20 years of staffing experience